Industries. Investments. Quality of Life

Kedah State Government currently has initiated the Kedah Business Investment Centre (KBIC) to facilitate and quicken the inflow of new investment to the State. KBIC will be administered by Invest Kedah with the Chief Minister of Kedah acting as an Advisor of the Council. KBIC will act as an official medium for the private sector to voice out various pertinent issues while it also acts as a platform to contribute constructive ideas to make Kedah a better location for business and investments. Kedad h State also form a committee  called Jawatankuasa Tetap Industri (JKTI) in Kedah too meet regularly to discuss and decide on various policies related to investors and their investments. KBIC will duly report to JKTI on matters and issues that investors have proposed and raised.

          The membership of the council are comprise of government agencies, companies, developers, investment, and trade business councils, associations who involves in investment activities, along with businesses which entails various clusters such as entrepreneurship, manufacturing, services/hospitality, agriculture, human resources/talent, developers/housing and etc. This council not only benefits the private sectors as a useful platform but also assist in overseeing and monitoring constantly the investment and business activities in Kedah State more efficiently and proficiently.