Impressive Investment Opportunities in Kedah

Date : 16th January 2018
Venue : Invest Kedah

Hungary, one of the leading economies in Central and Eastern Europe, continues to attract foreign direct investments (FDI) in 2017 brought forth by large investment projects worth more than EUR3.243 billion (RM15.7 billion) that has also created 17,647 new jobs. As much as Hungary has been very convincing in capturing a lion’s share of the FDI in Europe, companies in the Eastern European nation have concurrently exported a staggering outwards investments of EUR40.7 billion (RM197billion) in 2015.

With such an impressive backdrop of inwards and outwards investments in Hungary, Invest Kedah was most privileged and pleased to host the recent honourable visit of H.E. Mr Atilla Kali, the Ambassador of Hungary to Malaysia, who was accompanied by Dr. Emilian Fabian, the Head of the Office Economic Affairs and delegation. The visit was combined with introductions to senior administrative and economic leaders in the Kedah State Government besides familiarisation tours of prime industrial locations in Kedah.

At Invest Kedah, H.E. Mr Atilla was briefed on the investment environment in Kedah that includes greenfield opportunities in new economic growth areas such as Kedah Science & Technology Park (KSTP), Special Border Economic Zone (SBEZ) and Kedah Rubber City (KRC) as well as the proposed Oil & Gas Terminal (OGT) and Kedah Integrated Fishery Terminal (KIFT). At a press conference after his visit, H.E. Mr Atilla had mentioned that he was amazed and convinced with the Kedah Vision and the development strategies that have been formulated by the Kedah State Government in stimulating the exponential growth of the investment sector. H.E. Mr Atilla was also attracted to the availability of investment opportunities in Kedah and he specifically mentioned that Hungary was interested in exploring mutual cooperation arrangements with the Kedah State Government on the areas of Medical & Health, Agriculture and Water Management.